My Top 5 Resources for Learning More About UX Design

I was asked today by a new connection I made at last week's WhichTestWon's Live Event what five pieces of content/sources I would recommend for learning more about usability and user experience design.  Here's the answer I gave:

#1. David Travis' online Udemy course: The Ultimate Guide to Usability

Admittedly, I'm not the best online course attendee: I'll participate actively the first few weeks and then fail to finish.  David / the Udemy structure kept me engaged.  BONUS: There's a special buddy discount that will get you 75% off!  Enter in "BUDDYPASS-UX" during May to get the course for $49 instead of $199.  View the course here...

#2. Smashing Magazine

I read a lot blogs on UX, but this still remains my favorite choice. Smashing Magazine generally avoids the types of articles that are just extended definitions of some trend or idea, but rather include very detailed and helpful articles about very specific topics.  You can filter down by design, code, or UX.

#3. Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think

Personally, I find some of the design recommendations outdated, but it covers the basics of how to re-frame your thinking when you become a user experience designer.  Buy the book here.

#4. Don Norman's The Design of Everyday Things

What can I say; Norman is just my favorite person ever.  This is a must-read for those seeking to enter UX.  Buy the book here.

#5.  "Objectified" (a film)

You can find this on Netflix Instant and a few other streaming sites.  It's one of those pieces that is free on nearly every media platform. Like Norman's book, it goes beyond the digital space to show how usability is applied to every interface.



You can also find a list of all the articles I bookmark at  Warning, there are a lot on there already and I add at least three each day; luckily, you can narrow down by subject by using the lists I created.  I also share a select few on Twitter and LinkedIn.